Walsall Academy

Walsall Academy

Completed exactly two years from the date of appointment, Walsall Academy is situated in Bloxwich just north of Walsall and replaces a former failing school.

The Building

Retaining the original sports hall, which has now been refurbished, the rest of the school is entirely new and revisits some of the pioneering educational ideas of learning centres
developed by BHM with Professor Alan Brymer and Sir Kevin Satchwell at Thomas Telford School.

The building contains all the necessary education
facilities, as well as teaching spaces, dining hall and a
performance space for an audience of 400.

The restrained area allowances for Academies mean
that the performance space has to fulfil a variety of
activities ranging from an additional gymnastics space
for dance, an area for examinations and of course
music and theatrical performance.


Further details