Thomas Telford School

In 1989 the Practice won a limited competition to design one of the first City Technology Colleges to be sponsored by The Mercers’ Livery Company of London and Tarmac plc. A site was found in Telford new town for this new 1100 place school.

With the pioneering thinking of Professor Alan Brymer, education advisor to The Mercers, and Sir Michael Wakeford, Clerk to the company, BHM designed an entirely new school from first and new principles to sit on what was the remains of an open cast mine site above Telford.

The teaching philosophy behind the school was entirely new and involved a departure from didactic teaching methods of old, with a resource-based learning strategy centred around “learning bases” where each pupil would have their own personal space and centre.

With the additional momentum of the first Headmaster, Kevin Satchwell, this school has achieved unprecedented examination success, which is more than matched by its phenomenal achievement in sport and the arts at a national level. The team that built this school subsequently commissioned BHM for both the Walsall and Sandwell Academies which have now also been completed.


"We have been very fortunate indeed to have received the services of Barnsley Hewett and Mallinson for the last 25 years.

With four new build schools and many other building projects undertaken on our behalf we are proud and privileged to have outstanding buildings and state of the art learning environments which have served thousands of students and teachers who have advanced on to great careers. All at Barnsley Hewett and Mallinson that have contributed towards this success deserve full credit. We are immensely grateful to their designers, architects and wide range of other service providers for the very important part that they have played in creating our hugely successful schools and academies."

Sir Kevin Satchwell