St Martin's School

St Martin's School

St Martin’s School, Northwood is a private preparatory school in north-west London.

The school buildings sit round a charming central playing field area but were entirely hidden from public view.  The public frontage to the school was a 1950s brick built utilitarian hall alongside the former 1930s private house  which is now the Headmaster's office and reception.

The school needed to provide a new modern hall and also a statement building signalling the presence of the school and this resulted in the new theatre and music school.

The main school reception has now also been transformed by the addition of a modern glass fronted reception suite.


"All the Governors and staff are delighted with the results of all of our recent building projects which have included a new drama facility, a junior art and design room and a refurbished Kindergarten.  All the projects were delivered on time and on budget which from a Bursar’s perspective does not get any better."
Steve Gower