Marlborough College

Marlborough College

Having won a limited competition BHM became architects to Marlborough College under Edward Gould, Master.

Originally conceived as one major development the practice split the project down into a number of different new buildings phased over a period of years.  This involved the Marlburian – a social centre for the sixth form; the Henry Hony Centre – a new performing arts music school and rehearsal complex; a new 25-metre 8-lane national short course swimming pool; a new rifle range; a new arts school; a staff common room and finally a new classroom building specifically for the International Baccalaureate.

The swimming pool incorporates a moving floor and boom giving unlimited flexibility for all types of swimming activities including competitons that can be performed to national standards.

Marlborough Art School

Marlborough College Art School is the first modern
construction on Marlborough High Street displaying
the College’s presence in a bright, open and high quality

The building was designed in close collaboration with the head of Art and his team creating studios along with more modern library, staff and reprographics facilities.

The College wanted a neutral studio gallery space for the artwork, without it being an uninspiring box. It was decided therefore to keep all of the services, lighting and ventilation exposed, creating a style that has been nicknamed “industrial chic”.

Because of the complex shapes of the building there are many nooks and crannies for peaceful drawing and the large windows beautifully frame the historic buildings surrounding it.

The building was on a tight, difficult site but was finished on time and budget in August of 2005.


"BMH engage creatively and imaginatively, presenting new ideas and solutions compatible with existing environments. Wonderful to work alongside. Cost constraints are appreciated and completed projects are user friendly, technically advanced, enhancing the educational provision. Highly recommended."

Edward Gould
Former Master