Hammersmith Academy

Hammersmith Academy

Having completed the family of academies in the Midlands, many of which involved the Mercers’ Livery Company, BHM were invited to become the technical advisors and later architects for the Hammersmith Academy.  This time the Mercers’ Company were joined by the more recently founded Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

The Building

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham were keen to have an Academy providing more secondary education places in the Borough.  The suggestion that sponsors would be able to provide one was made reality by the Borough’s agreement to provide a site - a redundant young offenders’ facility just north of the Goldhawk Road.  With the Mercers’ two schools, St Paul’s School and St Paul’s Girls’ School, only a short distance away and with a specialism in Information Technology the partnership was complete.

The site is challenging with very limited external space other than a multi-use games area.  Thus the Academy accommodation has to be housed on four floors – the sports hall is on the second – and the curriculum designed to be able to offset any shortcomings as a result of the lack of external recreation space.  However, the Borough was generous in effecting an agreement for use of nearby Ravenscourt Park. 

This stunning building opened with its first year intake and one year of sixth form in 2011.  BHM were responsible for all aspects of the building ranging from the feasibility studies right the way through to furniture, fitting and equipment upon completion. 


"When we started out we were not entirely sure whether this project would ever be possible.  Now we know, when BHM are involved they make it happen.  

From the not insignificant challenges of dealing with Government, through funding agreements and then the challenge of finding space for 850 pupils on such a small site BHM were always there with a solution and dogged determination never to accept that it wasn’t possible.  They even delivered it under budget and settled the contract account three months before we finished.  

It was possible.  It did happen.  Thanks BHM."

Tom Ilube
Chairman of Governors