Colfe's School, New Sixth Form Centre

In 2009 BHM were commissioned to draw up a Master Plan for Colfe's School, Lee.

Top of the School's priority list was a new Sixth Form Centre but the research and curriculum analysis associated with the Master Plan revealed that there were a number of 'stepping stone' projects that needed to be completed before we could start looking at the Sixth Form facilities.

These included improvements to the sports changing facilities and the access and egress to the Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory Schools which are located at the opposite end of the campus to the Senior School.

There was also a high demand for Pre-Preparatory and Nursery facilities in the locale and so the School took the wise decision to expand their primary facilities from a two-form entry to a three-form entry ahead of any works at the Senior School.

This work was completed in 2014 (see the sepatate page for this project) and then the work on the Sixth Form Centre proceeded in eanest.

The Sixth Form element of the project contains Sixth Form and Prefect study and social spaces, as well as a cafe and exams department. Extensive landscaping of the created courtyard was also undertaken.

The building also accommodates the Mathematics and Religion & Philosophy Departments including eight classrooms over the first and second floors plus departmental offices.

It was completed in August 2015 for the start of the 2015/16 academic year.    

Further details

The complete interior design and fit-out was also part of BHM's remit. This included the design of some of the furtniture, as well as elements like the neon sign in the cafe.