Abingdon School

In the 1980s the practice was responsible for the construction of a new 450 seat theatre at Abingdon School under the Headmastership of Michael St J. Parker.  This was just one of the many buildings completed by BHM for him in his 26 years’ tenure as Headmaster. At Abingdon BHM were responsible for the dining hall, boarding, classrooms and the theatre.

However the Amey Hall, as it is known, could not afford to replace the timber framed art department which formed part of the site at the time of its construction.

Therefore in 2003, BHM were asked to obtain a planning consent for a classically proportioned building in a modern idiom which rebuilt the southern end of Amey Hall. This building was fully integrated with the hall providing music, art and drama facilities in a fully integrated performing arts centre which is not only used extensively by the school but also forms the heart of Abingdon town itself and its renowned drama and operatic societies.

The building consists of teaching and rehearsal spaces, a fully equipped art department and a small drama studio in the roof. All this had to be integrated into a very restricted site in the heart of the Albert Park conservation area in which Abingdon School lies. This was the final building undertaken by Michael St John Parker at Abingdon School and very much symbolises the considerable legacy that he has left to the school in the substantial improvement of its building stock, all carefully considered in absolute harmony with the original Victorian grammar school.